Have you ever received a call and wondered who the caller is? Then, you need reverse phone lookup number search. Been Verified is an online website that offers reverse look-up services. The website is easy to navigate. The site has an online search toolbar. You just type in the number and hit search button. After a few seconds, you will receive the name of the person, email address and residential address. You will also find out if its landline or mobile phone. When you navigate the website, you will find guidelines on how the site works.
Background search

BeenVerified is the perfect site to run background search on callers. Once the site has provided you with a name and state, you can use the information to run background checks. Type the name and state of the person and hit search. BeenVerified will scour through public documents to obtain as much information as possible. A report will be prepared with necessary information.

People search

BeenVerified is an important web app that helps to identify unknown callers. While other apps will give you only the name and country of unknown callers, Been Verified can be used to give additional information. The app also gives you access to: callers’ family members, other public information, and to identify telemarketers and debt collectors. Such information helps you to screen calls. At least, you have the option to call back or delete the number.

Criminal background search

When you want to know the criminal background of your caller, BeenVerified is your best option. BeenVerified is modified to go through public criminal records such as: misdemeanors, felonies, police arrests, parking tickets, criminal proceedings etc. BeenVerified is an app that will let you know if you are communicating with a convicted criminal or not.

Case study

My friend had spam callers who had targeted her and she was tired of it. Search results on Truecaller were not fruitful. She was tired of it and wanted to know who they were so she could report for harassment. She came across BeenVerified review website and we decided to give it a try. We typed the number and a search began. We received a report with full names and residential address of the person. We got curious and decided to search more information. To continue, you have to pay a fee for standard package. The more information you want, the higher the amount.

Key features

BeenVerified provides information while maintaining confidentiality. All the information provided is derived from public records. The whole process is done in a discreet manner. Your caller will never find out that you ran a background check. All the information collected is not shared with third parties. You will not receive calls from third-party marketers.

Every report is accompanied by a notification on where the application got its information. The information provided is clear so that you are not left feeling confused. You can receive your information on the website, mobile phone or tablet.
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