TruthFinder is an U.S. background check and reverse number search platform founded in 2003. The firm has since grown in reputation to becoming a leading reverse number search tool through which users can search for details regarding any received calls from people not in their phonebooks. Among other details, the tool will help to locate the name of the caller, their location history, and social profiles of the mystery caller.
Full Name search:

If you have received a call from a number not previously saved to your phonebook, TruthFinder gives an easy and convenient way to search the callers’ names and the birth information. To do this, simply go to TruthFinder website and type the digits of the caller’s number in the My Reports’ tab. Proceed to search mode.
When the search process is over, TruthFinder will generate a report on the caller’s full name and their dates of birth. You can even proceed to find out if the number has ever been owned by another person and if so, who those people. To do this, simply click on the tabs that are next to the caller’s name.

Location history search:

Knowing a mystery caller’s name isn’t enough information to find out on their background. So, TruthFinder has a location history feature that you can use to know more about the caller in question. To use the feature, click on locations and see the possible areas the caller has resided in or around.

Online Background Check:

Besides the basic information such as caller’s name and possible areas of residence, TruthFinder enables you to do a thorough background check on the caller. This is through background check functionality. This feature gives you more information on the caller’s family life such as siblings, their social media activity level, criminal reports such as traffic offenses, and past arrest by police.

Why TruthFinder Reverse Phone Number Lookup:

There are numerous gains to using TruthFinder’s reverse phone search tool. Prime among these include:

You can easily know who to call back and who not when you have a missed call. This saves you from unpleasant situations such as those of unsolicited marketing overtures, public nagging and more.
In case there is an unexplained surge in phone bills and you would want to find out who has been using your phone and to who have they been chatting with.
In case you would want to find out in your partner is cheating situation and you would like to know who your partner has been communicating with.
In case you want to get into a business transactions with a certain individual and you would wish to know more on their background.
If you have just secured a new line and would want to update your particulars, then TruthFinder reverse phone lookup gives an easy, reliable route to do so.

Customer support:

If you are using TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup for the first time and don’t how to interpret the background reports, truth will be at hand to help out. You can as well contact the customer support if you have queries.

Bottom Line.

TruthFinder’s reverse phone number lookup makes it easy and safe to find out the details of new users placing calls on your phone. The fact that the system a background search on their identity and past records helps you decide who to get in touch and who to block for your own good.
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